• It’s been a while…but not as long as it’s taken to tackle childhood obesity

    Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Good gracious, we have been slack. Rather taken our eye off the ‘HJCL website’ ball this last couple of years. But we’re still here – currently working away on a variety of market access, HTA, healthcare policy and public affairs projects in oncology (ovarian cancer, melanoma), diabetes, rare diseases, dermatology and depression.

We were prompted to do an update by this week’s announcement that the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee has scheduled an oral evidence session this week as part of its ongoing inquiry into the probem of childhood obesity. HJCL’s very first client assignment in 2002 was to help establish the first All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity – rising rates of childhood obesity were a real cause for concern at that time, and a number of experts and campaigners representing the healthcare professions, parents, schools and industry all came together to call on the government to take urgent, multi-faceted action. Tackling something as complex as childhood obesity was never going to be a quick or an easy fix – and it is both reassuring, but also rather sobering, to realise that this continues to be a key policy issue 17 years later.

HSCC Childhood Obesity 2019 Inquiry

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