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For the pharmaceutical sector, successfully bringing a new medicine to the UK market demands careful navigation of national market access requirements – and, specifically, a detailed review of the clinical evidence and health economic case by at least one (and often all three!) of the HTA bodies in the UK: The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the Scottish Medicines Consortium and the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group.

HTAs need careful planning, preparation and execution – that’s where we come in. Over the last 12 years, HJCL consultants have worked with 15 pharmaceutical, biotech and patient group clients on more than 50 HTA projects. Yes, that’s five-zero. Projects have included no fewer than 21 NICE technology appraisals and span 10 different therapy areas: cardiovascular disease, oncology, respiratory, ophthalmology, metabolic diseases, musculo-skeletal, neuro-psychiatric disorders and anti-infectives.

Our services range from writing HTA submissions and preparing attendees for committee meetings, to advising on procedural aspects, patient and clinical engagement, all the way through to providing an expert project management service, strategic counsel, communications materials and in-house training seminars.

Successful HTAs need dedicated and experienced project management resource, as well as good data, of course. Ideally, the strategic planning process should start well in advance of the CHMP opinion. You need an HTA strategy, which should form a core part of the overall market access plan for your medicine or device. What type of economic approach is most appropriate? How (and when) will you engage the patient and clinical communities in the HTA process? Where are the data gaps? And how are you going to plug those gaps?

For suggestions and hints on these questions and more, please contact us for a copy of our “Top Ten Tips for HTAs”.

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