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    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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NHS England (NHSE) has announced a four week public consultation on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF). NHSE unveiled a range of changes to the way the CDF works and is looking for opinions on proposed changes to the Standard Operating Procedures:

Proposal A: The CDF will implement a re-evaluation process which will assess the drugs on the current national list and remove those which represent the lowest levels of clinical benefit.

Proposal B: The CDF will incorporate into this re-evaluation system a confidential element, which assesses the median drug cost per patient in relation to the clinical benefit delivered. It is thought that this part of the process has to remain confidential due to the need to protect commercial confidence.

Proposal C: Drugs which are highly priced in relation to the clinical benefit they deliver will be removed from the CDF. The new process allows the pharmaceutical company the option of making an appropriate and confidential adjustment to its drug price to allow the drug/indication to remain in the CDF.

NHS England has acknowledged the proposals represent a “significant change” to the way the CDF is managed, and it hopes to engage with the industry, patient groups, cancer charities, the general public and the NHS on the plans. The deadline for the consultation is the 31st of October 2014. After all feedback has been reviewed, NHSE will make a decision whether or not to approve the proposals.

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